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We are a full service Access Consulting company. If your Supported Independent Living property has any safety or accessibility issues, we can identify them, estimate a fix cost, and project manage the modification.

Why should I audit my SIL Housing?

If you provide Supported Independent Living services, your property needs to be safe and accessible for all participants. This includes participants using mobility aids, like wheelchairs and walking frames.

There are Australian Standards that make sure your property is okay to use for caring for people with mobility aids and other supports. The Australian Standards include detailed information on passageway and door widths, toilet, shower and kitchen configurations, access to the home, and a lot of other aspects.

If your SIL house does not meet the Australian Standards, then it is likely to be unsafe and unsuitable for caring for participants.

How do you know your housing complies with AS 1428.1 and AS 1428.2?

You need to have a qualified Access Consultant like AccessAble Living Solutions perform an audit of your Supported Independent Living house. The audit will produce a report outlining each area of the house and how it complies with the Standards. The report will also include any issues and actions that might be required, along with estimates to help with your budgeting.

How can AccessAble Living Solutions help?

AccessAble Living Solutions are Access Consultants with a Diploma of Access Consulting qualification, recognition by the Association of Consultants in Access Australia professional body, in which our consulting staff are Associate Members.

Because we are fully qualified and legitimate Access Consultants, we can provide an audit of your SIL house to make sure that your participants have a safe place to live.

Our staff are also highly skilled and experienced in the NT building industry, so we can also help to fix any issues that arise from the audit.

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Our Audit Process

  1. You engage us to perform an audit on your SIL house
  2. We undertake a site visit, take a number of measurements and perform other activities
  3. We take the data back and analyse compliance with the Standards
  4. We provide a written report of our findings, any recommendations, and estimates for fixing issues
  5. We can provide project management services to manage any action items from the report