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Advice about Access Requirements for Tenders

As qualified Access Consultants, we provide specialised advice to assist Architects, Design Consultants, Building Certifiers, builders and building owners with access requirements that will meet the Disability Discrimination Act 1992  and Australian Standards for access and mobility.

We are experienced in providing access design advice for a range of infrastructure builds and the general public environment.   We will work closely with your Architect and Design Consultant team to incorporate access design requirements.  Contact us for a fee offer to include in your Tender submission.

Performance Solutions for Existing Buildings

Existing buildings do not always provide access for people with disability, due to the existing footprint.  We can provide a Performance Solution that will address accessibility requirements for modifications, including for heritage listed buildings. 

Performance Solution is undertaken according to requirements of the National Construction Code, which includes:

  • The development of a performance-based design brief, in consultation with key stakeholders of the design, to ensure a clear pathway for the design process.
  • A robust analysis and evaluation process of the design proposal/method. This forms part of the documented record of activities and outcomes for the final report.
  • final report which demonstrates how the design will be acceptable and confirms that the Performance Requirements are met.
  • Contact us to discuss your Performance Solution request.

Our Goals

AccessAble Living Solutions aims to address the increasing demand for appropriate infrastructure in both urban and remote locations for people with disability, assisting to provide enhanced self-determination, and create the conditions to enable people to lead vibrant, safe and independent lives.

The need for appropriate infrastructure for people with disability and older Territorians is an important driver for AccessAble Living Solutions.   Contact us to discuss your accessibility requirements.

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